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UninsuredHelp (.com) for sale. Earned $58.44 in Parking Revenue since mid Feb @Uniregistry. Screenshot included. Asking $500 OBO. Hit me up to buy now or make an offer. I accept Escrow, Google Pay, and Paypal. Will push domain first if paying via PayPal. This screenshot taken Saturday. Does not show last two days stats. Last [...]

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UninsuredHelp (.com) for sale. Over $26.40 in Parking Revenue since mid Feb @Uniregistry. MotorLogic (.com) included. Have received mid - 4 figure offers for this one in the past. Only $395 for both OBO. Hit me up to buy now or make an offer. I accept Escrow, Google Pay, and Paypal.

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UninsuredHelp (.com) is for sale. $14.23 in Parking Revenue so far this month @Uniregistry. Asking $350 OBO. Hit me up on my website, or WhoIs Email to buy now or make an offer. Domain is at Uniregistry for an instant push! I accept Cash by Square, Escrow, and PayPal. Thanks for looking.

Beautiful Betelgeuse

Betelgeuse (a red giant star that is due to produce a Supernova anytime) is bright and beautiful this morning! Just look towards the top of the constellation Orion. Can't miss it's red glow, even with the naked eye. But a decent telescope or pair of binoculars makes for an incredible and unimaginable view! Tried to [...] & More! and 3 freebies for sale! A 15 year old domain name with traffic. I’ve had offers in the past of $5K and $4,500.00 respectively, but the domain wasn’t for sale at the time. Have also received several offers in the $1K to $2K range. A perfect investment domain, or great domain for an auto enthusiast [...] with Traffic! - $1K OBO. Contact me with your best offer. Instant push at Uniregistry.  Have had several mid 4 figure offers in the past. The domain is over 15 years old, and pays for its own annual renewal fees when using PPC. The perfect domain name for any auto enthusiast, or anyone in the auto [...]


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Professional Domain Name Broker and Investor. I’ve been buying and selling premium domain names and websites for over 15 years. Some of my previous sales include the following:,,,,,,,,,, and more than 60, 3 letter .COMs. Don't hesitate to contact me if I can ever be [...]

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If you have any premium domain names for sale, visit my homepage at to subscribe to my Domain Investors Newsletter, or contact me if you're in need of a Professional Domain Name Broker. To subscribe to the Investors Network, wait for the pop-up, and then simply enter your name and email address to become [...]